Our Pastor



So often, we can look back at our childhood and see how God gifted us long before He intended to use our gifts.  How many young boys would lie in their bed when they’d missed school due to illness and be content to read their Bible?  Well, that’s how Pastor Brian was as a child.  He always was drawn to God’s Word.  Could it be that God was already cultivating a teaching gift within a young boy?


Pastor Brian Michaels grew up attending church.  However, he didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ until he was about thirteen years old.  He and his family made a commitment to Christ at First Baptist Church in Waldorf, Maryland and, together, the family was baptized.


Of all places, Brian had an amazing encounter with Jesus in the city of Las Vegas. His family had moved to Vegas as Brian began High School.  Brian become very involved in band and music and the Lord opened many doors for him to share his musical gifts with others.  But it wasn’t until his Senior year of high school in Las Vegas, NV that Brian’s life was really changed.  Having gone through a brief, yet intense, rebellion, he attended a Rez Band concert where he heard radical Christian music and powerful verse-by-verse teaching.  Brian fell in love with the Bible all over again.


After graduating, at age 17, Brian joined the US Navy where he completed their Nuclear Power Program.  While stationed in Orlando, FL, Brian met his bride, Jeanine and the two were wed in 1983.  Shortly before his wedding, Brian began his service aboard the USS Spadefish, a fast attack nuclear submarine.  In addition to his regular duties, he served as the Protestant Lay Leader on the submarine, leading the Sunday services while the submarine was at sea.  In this venue, Brian realized he had a gift of teaching as he watched lives be transformed by the simple presentation of the Word of God. The Navy was great preparation for ministry for both Brian & Jeanine!


Upon his honorable discharge from the Navy, Brian became a Youth Pastor at a Calvary Chapel in Las Vegas and served for four years as an assisting Pastor before heading out to Colorado Springs to pastor a small fellowship called Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel.  For 14 years, Pastor Brian ministered in Colorado Springs and grew further in his gifts of teaching and leadership.  Brian’s relationships with other ministers and leaders were fostered and the Lord blessed him immeasurably with a thriving and healthy congregation of thousands of people who loved the Word of God and who reached out in their community and around the world.


Having a vision for the Body of Christ at large, Brian was a part of many church plants around the state of Colorado as well as around the country, helping fellow pastors in any way that he could.


In the summer of 2005, Pastor Brian turned Rocky Mountain Calvary over to a young assisting pastor at the Lord’s leading and the Michaels family took some much needed time off.  At the end of that summer, he returned to Las Vegas and briefly rejoined his former church.  The following fall, Brian returned to Colorado to temporarily join the staff of Calvary South Denver during a time of transition for both Pastor Brian and the staff of CSD.  Brian served there until January of 2007 when he and his family returned to their home in Las Vegas.


In late January of 2007, Lighthouse Christian Fellowship was planted in the Las Vegas valley.  Bringing both solid verse by verse teaching and integrity from the pulpit, LCF ministered in the southwest part of Las Vegas until the end of August 2012. During his last four and a half years in Las Vegas, Pastor Brian was flying back to Colorado to teach weekly at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship’s Colorado campuses on Thursday and Friday evenings. These weeknight Bible studies reached many people for the cause of Christ and lives were changed through the power of God’s Word. But soon, living between the two cities became impractical. In the spring of 2012 Pastor Brian and Jeanine felt called to return home to Colorado and spearhead another church plant.  Enduring the heat of their last Vegas summer, the Michaels’ prepared to relocate


In September, Springs Lighthouse was planted in the city of Colorado Springs. September 16, 2012 was the Inaugural service for this new work.  Meeting at the theater of Discovery Canyon Campus (DCC), we brought the Thursday and Friday night studies together into an official church.  Hundreds arrived that first Sunday with an almost palpable excitement!  Springs Lighthouse now meets in a permanant facility at 4777 N, Academy Blvd. on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings.


Marked by genuine love and grace, this body of Christ-followers exists to draw closer to God and to help bring the broken world around us to Jesus...For the glory of God and the good of others!   


As the Pastor of Lighthouse, Pastor Brian is not only a gifted teacher but is a gifted leader as well.  His teachings are strong in application and Biblical insight, but also are refreshingly humorous and entertaining. People all over the globe enjoy the teaching ministry of Pastor Brian and Springs Lighthouse through the website.  His integrity, strength of character, sincerity and heart for others make him an outstanding leader and shepherd of God’s people.  He knows he is a man saved by the grace of God through faith in His Savior, Jesus Christ and is as much in need of the truths in scripture as those he teaches. 


At the time of this writing (July 2014), Pastor Brian Michaels and his wife, Jeanine, have been married for almost 31 years.  They have four beautiful children and a precious granddaughter.  Brian and Jeanine have served in ministry for 27 of those years, glorifying God with one voice.