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If you are not sitting in Sunday service, you are in the mission field!

All believers have been called by the Lord to go and make disciples of all nations, therefore we will seek opportunities to engage in both our community and throughout the world.  Mission outreach events will be posted on our Facebook page and announced at the Sunday morning services.  For information regarding mission activities please contact cslighthousemissions@gmail.com.

In addition to congregational events and/or training sessions, Springs Lighthouse supports the following missionaries and ministries.  Please pray for our missionaries and support them as you are led by the Lord.  



Springs Lighthouse Sponsored Missionaries  



 Jeff and Carrie Gage - Engage Europe


 Hi Springs Lighthouse Family!
 Here’s a little update on what we’re doing here in Germany in 2018.
 Jeff still serves on a team called eDOT, within Greater Europe Mission   (GEM). This is a tech team that partners with European ministries to   create tech solutions. This team has also created evangelism apps,   Bible concordance apps and others in various European languages.   Check out gemedot.com for more info!
  Carrie will continue to be a leader and co-teacher at a German/English Community Bible Study. Women’s Bible Study is so rewarding as the Lord has used it for many open doors to new relationships. It’s also been a new season for her to teach the Word!
Wesley is 16 and a sophomore at Black Forest Academy. His academic load this year is very challenging, but he is doing great and learning how to push through hard challenges. He plays the trumpet and is involved in Pep Band.
Sophie is 13 and a seventh-grader at Black Forest Academy. Even though we are in Germany, she is excelling in learning French. She also loves to write and she is working on several novels simultaneously.
About 5 months ago we heard about a new Calvary Chapel church plant. Since Jeff has a Calvary background we were drawn to check it out. Once we tried it we were hooked and realized the Lord was drawing us to serve and support them. We’ve jumped in to serve in various ways. This year our churches focus is outreach. We have several planned, including a team from, Spring’s Lighthouse, coming this fall!



***Springs Lighthouse is sending a Missions Team to Kandern, Germany from October 4th-14th, 2018 to support our missionaries, Jeff & Carrie Gage, and the Calvary Chapel Kandertal church plant.  For more information, please sign up at the Beacon.  





Leona Karni - Chosen In Love


Leona has traveled throughout the world engaging in a wide range of ministry activities.  She is actively engaged in South American and Thailand.  Visit her web page and Facebook for more information.     









Shepherd’s Servant


A first responder ministry for all active and retired police, fire, and EMTs encouraging each other to live out their faith through their profession.  We meet the second Thursday evening of each month.  Go to Shepherd’s Servant for more information.



Title Passage Speaker  
Matthew 14:22-33 (2014-Nov-30) Part 4
Matthew 14:22-33 Brian Michaels Listen Download
Matthew 28:18-20 (2014-Nov-9) Part 1
Matthew 28:18-20 Brian Michaels Listen Download
Acts 1:8 (2014-Nov-23) Part 3- Mission Impossible
Acts 1:8 Brian Michaels Listen Download
Philippians 3:7-11 (2014-Nov-16) Part 2
Philippians 3:7-11 Guest Speaker Listen Download