Devotional 1 Timothy 5:8

Pastor Brian’s“Every So Often”Devotional

Feb 9, 2011

(1 Timothy 5:8But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

These are strong words from the apostle Paul regarding a man’s responsibility to his family!  Lately it seems that I’m finding more and more people taking a new look at this verse.  The immediate context of the statement appears to be speaking directly to the issue of material, physical provision.  But is it a stretch to presume the principle can be applied to other areas of concern for a husband and father?

Earlier today I spoke to a gentleman at the gym who mentioned to me how he was learning to really focus on the needs of his family during a difficult year that they had just gone through.  I myself have had a family year that not only took my attention away from many other things, it forced me to have to let some things go completely (like this devotional!).  Many of these were not bad things; some of them were actually very good.  But what God wanted was for me to care for my family through some difficult times.

For men particularly, wired as we are to produce in the job sphere, this can be exhausting and often extremely frustrating.  But is it really a bad situation to learn to press on in the face of difficulty and the frustration of feeling ripped out of our comfort zone?  Isn’t this how we grow?  When we realize that there is something we are required to do to please God, but we come to the end of our natural strength, isn’t it good to know that God grants His supernatural strength to those who lean upon Him?