Devotional Luke 24:34

Pastor Brian’s “Every So Often” Devotional

March 18, 2011

(Luke 24:34 )“The Lord is risen indeed, and has appeared to Simon!”

Simon! Simon? Really?! Of all the people to be the focal point of a resurrection witness…Simon?! Simon- Peter, the rough-around-the edges, burly fisherman? I could see Simon on an episode of “The Deadliest Catch”, but the key witness to the resurrection of the Christ?

Wasn’t this “Sleeping Simon”? Wasn’t he one of the three amigos (along with James and John) who seemed to sleep through some the key events in human history? They were at the Mount of Transfiguration…and slept through most of it! They had a front-row seat at the Passion in the Garden of Gethsemane…and nodded off!

Wasn’t this “Silly Simon”? Jumping up at the arrest of Jesus, wiping the sleep from his eyes, he was ready to defend Jesus to the death! He rose to his full height, puffed out his chest, drew his sword, and in the midst of the temple guard attacked…the servant boy?! (John 18:10 )

Wasn’t this “Simple Simon”? Awaking from his slumber on Mount Hermon to find Jesus completely shrouded in a brilliant light that radiated outward from His very being, and noting that He had two additional companions with Him (Moses and Elijah), Simon proposes the brilliant suggestion of building monuments to all three men. He doesn’t even distinguish between the glory of Jesus beyond that of Moses and Elijah! So complete was his misunderstanding of the situation that God Himself has to interrupt Pete from heaven and tell him to be quiet and listen! (Matthew 17:1-5 )

Wasn’t this “Scared Simon”? The one who couldn’t even acknowledge Jesus in the face of a pointed question by a servant girl? (Mark 14:66-68 )

Yes, he was all of these, and probably worse. But he was also “Saved Simon”, and “Sanctified Simon”, and soon-to-be “Spirit-filled Simon”. God had a plan for Simon-Peter that Simon-Peter himself would not have dreamt of! Jesus’ mercy in appearing to this man in particular, Simon, showed all involved the depth of His forgiveness and grace. If God can transform and use a man like that, even making him a central figure in the church, then God can certainly do wonders in and through my life.